Omega III projects

Welcome to our Projects page, where you’ll discover the diverse range of demolition and environmental projects Omega III has successfully completed. Here, you’ll see how our expertise and dedication have transformed challenges into impactful success stories — showcasing our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to the unique needs of our clients across various industries. Dive in and explore the exceptional work Omega III is known for.

Industrial & Manufacturing Demolition

Former Cargill Facility

This project consisted of the demolition of 271 grain silos, 130 feet tall and a head house that stood 215 feet tall, which was located in the middle of the silo complex. Some of the silos, and another head house were located directly adjacent to the Calumet Channel, just a few feet away.

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New Page Paper Mill

This project consisted of demolition and recovery of equipment salvage and processing of all metals and concrete debris generated from demolition of New Page Paper Mill.

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High - Rise Demolition

Springfield Housing Authority

Project consisted of abatement and demolition of two 14-story Public Housing Towers. Demolition method by implosion – Project was in a residential area within close proximity to single family homes and senior resident, assisted live facility.

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Interior and Selective Demolition

McCormick Place

McCormick place retained Omega to remove all of the World Tile Show Exhibits. Omega had to complete the work in (2) two halls within 24 hours. Work was completed ahead of schedule.

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Building Demolition

Bridge Demolition

Highway and Elevated Superstructure Demolition

Cline Avenue

Omega demolished over 2 miles of elevated concrete box girders and was wrecked with crane and wrecking ball, explosives, and hydraulic excavators. This work was performed over roadways, navigable waters, and railroad tracks.

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