At Omega III, we are dedicated to responsible recycling practices. Working exclusively with licensed facilities, we handle a wide range of materials. This includes:

  • Non-ferrous and precious metals example: copper, brass, and nickel, as well as all other materials.
  • Efficient management of ferrous materials such as heavy irons, cast irons, and structural steel, as well as lightweight irons.
  • Concrete recycling using portable crushers to transform demolished concrete into granular products, reducing truck traffic  in communities and financially benefiting the site.
  • Licensed recycling of general industry materials, including paper, cardboard, and plastics.
  • E-waste equipment.

Transparent green reporting available. Partner with Omega III for responsible recycling solutions.

Only Licensed Recycling Facilities

Asset Recovery

Omega III offers asset recovery services aimed at identifying and extracting value from surplus or obsolete assets. Our experienced team utilizes strategic assessment techniques to determine the potential for asset reuse, resale, or repurposing. 

Equipment Salvage

Specializing in equipment salvage, Omega III helps clients recover value from outdated or decommissioned machinery. Our team discerns salvageable components, efficiently managing dismantling, extraction, and recycling processes. This approach minimizes waste and promotes circular economy strategies.

Metal Recycling & Removal

With a commitment to sustainability, Omega III offers proficient scrap metal recycling and removal services. We work with clients to process various metal types effectively, leveraging responsible recycling methods and minimizing the environmental footprint of metal waste.